Control & Manual valves

Control & Manual valves

Wouter Witzel

Manufacturers of butterfly valves can be found all over the world. However, manufacturers with five decades’ worth of experience and know-how are few and far between. Wouter Witzel is one of them. Ever since 1966 we have been internationally renowned for industrial butterfly valves and actuators.


The VESTECH organization was founded in order to pass on expert knowledge, especially in the field of valves and various process technologies, especially in the steam power plant sector. The basis of the company's activities are the marketing of fittings contract products of foreign origin as well as the in-house production of special fittings, especially according to individual customer requirements.

Ritag GmbH

RITAG is a pioneer in the industry of industrial valves, supporting the TfS initiative of the European chemical industry (TfS = Together for Sustainability) and has reached great rank and recognition for its efforts in this endeavour.